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LED Faux-Neon Illuminated Signs

Newly available are our faux-neon signs. Brilliant brightly lit signs in a multitude of attractive colours. Unlike their neon predecessors, which were expensive to construct and maintain, the new faux-neon signs are affordable and, being powered by LEDs, cost very little to run. This is a stunningly eye-catching advertising tool for any business.

Willow Court, Bromsgrove

We were contacted by Tricas Construction Ltd. to supply prestigious fascia branding to Willow Court. Lettering is built-up, polished stainless steel, fitted using stand-off, chromed brass locators.

Garibaldi School, Clipstone

100-day countdown board for student incentivisation. Constructed using grey Foamex, with applied vinyl graphics and moveable panels. Framed for a finished look and durability.

Yew Tree Childcare

Gruffalo-based printed textured vinyl to make the playroom wall more exciting! Yew Tree Childcare, New Ollerton, Notts.

National Skills & Safety Park

Sub-surface acrylic tabletop and stools. Fitted to timber cable reels using 10mm thickness Foamex bases, at Tarmac’s National Skills and Safety Park, Nether Langwith.

Garibaldi School

Print and contour-cut textured vinyl logo, applied to a wall in the headmaster’s office at Garibaldi School, Clipstone, Notts.


ACM pantray with hidden aluminium fitting rail, vinyl graphics to face for Juice regeneration and processing. #juice #regeneration #processing

Custom vehicle striping

Design, manufacture and fit of custom vehicle stripes in black and grey vinyl to augment and personalize this VW van.

Herbie branding

Laminated vinyl graphics to the Herbie unit – a hugely versatile, towable modular mobile space product. #nomorevans #herbie #modularspace