CNC Router Services now available

City Signs have just purchased a brand new state of the art CNC Router.

We are a trade and retail supplier of flat-cut letters, logos and shapes, to clients throughout the UK.

We are dedicated in providing clients with innovative solutions and services.

We genuinely care about our products and about your requirements so why not put us to the test.

We can produce almost any size of letter, shape or logo in any style up to 3000mm high on our 3050mm x 1630mm CNC router bed.

So, whether it be a one-off, small runs, or a mass-produced project, our in-house facilities are geared up to provide you with a cost effective solution that will help you meet your time scales at a realistic price without sacrificing quality or lowering the standard of workmanship

Flat-Cut Letters in Acrylic, Foam PVC, Aluminium Composite, Traffolyte, Exterior MDF and Timber

All letters, logos and shapes are cut using the latest software and technology to ensure superior cut edges, with unbelievable accuracy.

By providing us with artwork that is ready to cut we can offer letters, logos and shapes to just about any size, shape and style using high quality substrates with stand-off locators and fitting templates if required.


City Signs have a huge range of high-quality acrylic sheets to provide a fast and reliable manufacturing service.

Acrylic is a durable material that is available in a wide range of thicknesses from 2mm – 25mm with an extensive range of finishes and colours.

It can be used for both internal and external projects due to its 10 year guarantee against fading and warping.

Your acrylic letters, logos and shapes stay looking as good as new for many years.

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM)

Aluminium composite material (ACM) is a lightweight sheet material with a total thickness of 3mm.

It has a gloss/matt face, with an impact resistant centre core. It is also fully recyclable.

ACM it is designed for medium – long term indoor and outdoor applications.

It as a 5 year exterior manufacturer’s guarantee against any fading, warping, rust and delamination.

It is available in a variety of colours and finishes, including mirror and brushed aluminium.

Foam PVC (Foamex)

Foam PVC is an amazingly versatile material which has strength and stability resulting in a lightweight material, with an excellent resistance to knocks and scrapes.

Foam PVC is a man-made product that is lightweight, rigid sheet material.

It offers a cost-effective solution to many exterior and interior projects. Available in thicknesses from 1mm – 19mm.


Traffolyte is a durable, lightweight material and is used for engraving letters or shapes.

Each layer is a different colour, so engraved letters or shapes would be a different colour from the unengraved portions.

Traffolyte can be used for name tags, labels and signs.

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