Coster’s Window Perforated one-way Window Film

After having recently installed the company’s main signs, we were asked if we could somehow stop people from seeing into the main workspace, but without blocking out too much light. As there were 12 x windows to cover and each one was 3000mm x 1000mm, this was going to need something special.


We printed onto perforated one-way window film panels and laminated them for extra protection and longevity and the finished effect is truly amazing. Creating an almost optical illusion of the room being filled with equipment, it provides both privacy, security and an extra element of ‘wow’.

Lamination on Contravision

From the outside all you see is the printed graphic, which just happens to be pictures of the inside of the unit. From the inside all you see is the natural view, with just a slight darkening of the glass. Our client was amazed at the finished product and couldn’t believe how good the effect was from inside and out.


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