Derwent Living PVC Banners

Today we bring you a mini blog about the Derwent Living PVC Banners we recently installed. The durable PVC banner comes in at 10,000mm x 2000m, this large format banner makes use of the space on a ground level wall making installation pretty straight forward.

The sheer size of the banner will bring some fantastic exposure for Derwent when it comes to promoting the appartments to rent on this site. The banners are durable, weather proof and long lasting to give the Derwent maximum return for their investment.

The banners on site

Derwent-Living-1 Derwent-Living-2

Could your business benefit from PVC Banners?

If you feel the print alone or print and installation of PVC banners would benefit your company please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the City Signs team who will be more than willing to talk through your ideas.

PVC Banners are great for short term and long term signage, the flexible nature of this media also makes it possible to work around corners without the need for two seperate prints.

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