NRS Healthcare Signs, Hove

We had previously installed NRS Healthcare signs throughout their buildings as featured in our blog post in May 2014. The latest addition to this work was carried out at the Companies premesis in Hove in the beautiful South East coast which added to the Ashby, Cambridge, Berkshire, Hereford and Oxford locations we had already completed throughout 2014 and 2015.

External NRS Healthcare Signs

The installation of the external signage commenced with the biggest of all the signs applied to front of the building in two sections using our scaffold.

Instllationof the NRS Healthcare Sign

Here’s a shot of the completed sign after all three panels were attached to the building.

Completed Main Sign

The next step was to install the rest fo the various directional, opening times and safety signs around the buildings.

Various External NRS Healthcare Signs

Not forgetting the new car park space plaques to solve the unauthorised use of spaces in the NRS Healthcare car park, we hope you agree these are a vast improvement on the old solution of the numbers sprayed on the wall!

Car Parking Signs

Internal Sign

To finish this project a transparent perspex logo held with brushed stainless steel wall supports was installed as a welcome to visiting clients. These perspex signs make a great cost effective solution for company logos, directions or name signs for offices/workspaces.

Internal NRS Healthcare Sign

Would you like City Signs to review your signage?

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